When a Guy Calls and Texts You Late Night (14+ Reasons Why) (2023)

The key to a healthy relationship is understanding. A famous saying is that it is very hard to understand a woman. However, sometimes even a guy can be too hard to understand. Men, too, can be complicated.

A relationship has many languages, and especially at the beginning of the relationship, all of our focus is on the little things. Every little gesture makes a huge difference and certainly has various meanings.

Sometimes guys are not so vocal about their feelings. But they love to indulge in some kinds of gestures which will make their feelings for you obvious. So, when you start getting calls and texts at night from a guy, you might wonder why it is happening?

You might have many guy friends, but there is that one guy who makes sure to call and text you every night. So, what does that mean?

Possible reasons why a guy calls and texts you late at night

Let's now jump straight in and find out the various meanings when a guy calls and texts you late at night.

#1 He loves to talk to you

Yes, when a guy loves to talk to you, he will go to lengths to make that happen. He will always make time for you because talking to you gives him the most pleasure. He enjoys talking to you, listening to your voice, hearing your stories. Hence he calls you even late at night to talk to you.

Only talking to you can lead him to sound sleep; otherwise, he will be restless.

#2 He wants to listen to your voice before sleeping

Some guys are pretty romantic.They will show you all their romantic gestures and shower you with love and care. Talking to you late at night is just another of their romantic gestures. He wants to hear your voice before he sleeps. Yours should be the last voice whispering in his ear.

He will start by sending you sweet, flirty texts, and after a while, he will call you.Both of you will get into a romantic conversation. This is also his way to show you that he is very much interested in you.

#3 He has feelings for you

When you are in the initial phase, like when you two have started talking and slowly taking an interest in each other, you will find every other opportunity to talk to each other. Also, since it's just the beginning, you want your words and gestures to convey your feelings.

The guy does not want to come across as super fast forward or too desperate, yet he wants you to know that he has special feelings for you. Hence, he texts and calls you at night.He takes out time specifically for you and not anyone else because he feels for you.

#4 He is waiting to see your reaction

If you have not been very vocal about your feelings or are very open about what you want, then the guy has to take another route.

He has tried to convey his feelings for you, but your responses have been unclear. So, he is using this new way to peep through into your heart right now. Calling and texting during the day is quite normal.But he wants to see how you react when he texts or calls you late at night.

Whether you pick up the phone, reply quickly or late, how much do you talk, are your responses shy and awkward, or are you pretty comfortable talking to him late at night, he will check all these signs.

#5 He is busy during the day

This guy is super busy during the day. He has no time to drop a text for you. So basically, he is guilty of not giving you enough time.That's why he texts you or calls you late at night. Even if he is tired, has an early morning meeting, or has a pretty long day, he will make sure to catch up with you even for 10 to 15 minutes.

He wants to be updated about your life and share his life stories with you. He is not letting his busy schedule come between you two.He is interested in you, and that's why he wants to know you more and is keen on talking to you even if it's late.

#6 He forgets to text you

Sometimes texting or calling late at night might not be that romantic.He is a guy who forgets to talk to you during the day. He is not too much into you. He will talk to his friends; you will always find him online. But he won't text or call you during the day because you are not in his mind.

You are just another contact on his phone.He only talks to you at night because he has no one else to talk to at that time. Also, at the same time, he wants to show you his fake interest in you, and hence he texts you late at night.

#7 He is being polite

He is not interested in taking the relationship forward with you. Even if you two started very recently, he is not keen on talking to you or knowing you more. Maybe you're not his type. However, he can't just ghost you like that.

There are some guys who ghost girls without any explanation or any prior indication. But he isn't like that.He intentionally chooses to call you or text you late at night because he knows you too will be sleepy and tired; that way, he won't have to talk to you a lot.

But he is not being rude to you also. Slowly, he will reduce the time of talking, and you will also get a hint that this thing is not leading anywhere.

#8 He is thinking of his ex

Does this sound horrible? Does it hurt you? Well, it will. You don't want a guy to talk to you when thinking about his ex. Everyone has their past. But when they decide to move on, they should also keep their past aside.

However, it can be hard for some guys.You will notice that this guy only texts and calls you late at night and always talks about past relationships.

He will want to know about your past, and he will keep on sharing about his ex. I know, that's a bummer for any girl. You can easily understand that his ex still rules his heart, and he becomes all the more nostalgic during the night.

Since he can't contact his ex, you are his only way to relive his old memories.

#9 He is goofing with you

No, this guy is in no mood to get serious with you.He is flirting with you, which is a casual relationship for him. He wants to have some fun with you, create some memories, post on social media, and after a month or two, he will be gone from your life.

But he wants to make the most of these two months. He will try his best to come across as he is very much into you. He will text and call you late at night to feel special.

You will think that he is a really sweet guy who makes sure to talk to me before he sleeps. However, this is to keep you hooked till he wants to. Once his interest will vanishes, he too will exit.

#10 He is cheating on his partner

This guy is already in a relationship. But he wants to explore other options as well. He still has Tinder on his phone. He still talks to random girls on social media and sends the requests.

When he hits off with any girl, he needs time to talk and flirt with that girl. But with a girlfriend, it isn't easy to talk to any other girl.

So, nighttime is the best time for him. He knows that his partner is sleeping, so he grabs onto that opportunity.

He will only talk to you for a certain period. He will keep his Bluetick on Whatsapp off, and his last seen will also be covered.You will get to know the real intention pretty soon with his sneaky behavioral pattern.

#11 He is doing it as a duty

If you had been his priority, he would text or call you throughout the day. He will update you whenever he got time.

But why is choosing to call you only late at night? Clearly, he is not thinking about you. He even forgets that you exist.

Only at night, to fulfill his duty, he calls you so that you don't make a fuss. He is doing it for his purpose because he doesn't want to hear any complaint from you.

So even if you say, "You don't talk to me," he will have his answer ready. He will promptly say, "I call you every night, even if I am super exhausted."So, he just keeps his path clear. He is not doing it out of love but just as a part of his obligation.

#12 He is in an LDR

LDRs are difficult to manage. Many couples fail to handle the distance, lack of intimacy, conversation, different lifestyles, and different timezones.

So, if your guy only texts you late at night, there are chances that he is in an LDR. His girlfriend lives in a different country, in a different timezone, and he has no one to speak to at night. So, he chooses to talk to you just to get rid of his boredom.

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#13 He talks to you at his convenience

Sounds rude, right?Well, you need to understand that this guy is not so much into you. He will keep your messages on “Read”.

He will take forever to reply. He will only call and text you late at night because he is free at that time. He won't bother whether you are free or not, whether you're tired or sleepy.He is just being selfish and looking at his advantage.

#14 He has no one to talk to

This guy is a loner. He has no social life or a friend circle. He keeps himself busy with work, and after that, he feels lonely. He feels a need for a companion, and that's why he talks to you only late at night.

He might also have sleeping problems.So, he talks with you until he feels sleepy. However, sometimes the guy can have good intentions too. Probably he wants to know you more, but he is a shy person. He is taking his sweet little time.

#15 He is not into you

Yes, to be honest, he is not into you. He is only putting the minimum effort to keep thongs floating for a while. He does not want to say it loud.

Rather he wants you to understand his signal and take the initiative to end things. He will always have lame excused ready whenever he has not replied to you during the day.You have to understand his texting and calling pattern to know his intention.

What should you do when a guy calls and texts you late at night?

So, if you're in a similar situation like this, there are certain things that you can do.

When you are not enjoying these late-night calls and texts, you can:

  • Tell him directly.Be open and tell him that you want to know why he calls you late at night. Ask him his reasons and tell him to be honest about it.
  • Show that you're uncomfortable.Not every girl is comfortable talking to a guy late at night, especially if he has not been clear about his feelings. So, tell him that you're not comfortable talking to him. You will catch up with him in the morning.
  • Give him excuses.Tell him that you're sleepy, you have an early morning tomorrow, your phone's battery is low. You need to see how the guy is reacting to it and whether he understands your problem or not. If he does not call you even after this in the morning, then it's clear that he is not into you, and he is just goofing around with you.
  • Don't pick up his call and don't reply to his texts. Reply to him only in the morning and say that you slept. Check his reaction. Is he sorry for texting you late? If he isn't, then he is only looking at his convenience. He does not care about your schedule. He talks to you whenever he is free.
  • Ask him for proper reasons.Say that you're fine talking to him at night, but why could not he call or text you the entire day. Then look for his reasons. Are they making sense to you, or is he just cooking up stories? You can also check his social media to see what he has been up to or whether he is telling you the truth.
  • Don't be available all the time.Even if you're a night owl, don't let him understand that you are free for him all the time. He needs to understand your situation and take into account that also.
  • Call him during the day.Check out whether he picks up your call or not. If he is interested in you, he will pick up your call.

But in another case, you can actually enjoy talking to that guy. What if you wait for that one call at night? What should you do then? Let’s have a look.

  • Let him know that you enjoy talking to him even if it's late at night.You can continue to talk to him or chatting with him through the entire night, and can also indulge in flirtatious talk. Also, this is a great opportunity to dive into deeper conversations to know each other more.
  • Open up in front of him.If you feel uncomfortable sharing your past or any childhood stories with him, nighttime is the best time. Both of you can be totally vulnerable to each other and reveal yourself. However, do it only when you can trust him or you want to share your life with him. Never allow him to force you to share your choices.
  • Reply to him in his tone. If he is being flirtatious, you also get into the same vibe and give him a hint that you are into him.

How to know if a guy is into me if he texts and calls late at night?

Well, receiving a goodnight message from a guy is indeed special. But if your conversation is only revolving around that every night for just 15 minutes, then this guy is not worth your shot.

A guy who is into you genuinely will keep in touch with you throughout the day. Even if he is busy, he will take that extra one minute out to let you know his whereabouts or when he will be free.

Also, at night he will apologize to you for not giving you enough time. And he will make it up to you during the weekend by spending ample time with you. His efforts and gestures will be enough for you to understand that he is into you.

He will be sweet while talking to you; he would want to know how you spent your day, and if you're sleepy, he won't force you to talk to him. Rather, he will give you space/ all these are green flags for you to know that he is genuine.

So, now that you know the possible meanings, the ball is in your court. Take the final call wisely.

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