When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (2023)

When a guy calls you constantly, the primary meaning is clear: he really wants to talk to you.

But, what else does it mean?

Read on below and discover what it means when a guy calls you multiple times per day (every day)!

What Does It Mean When Guys Call You Multiple Times a Day?

When a guy makes multiple phone calls to you every, single, day, there’s often quite a bit more meaning to it than that he’s just simply and genuinely interested in you.

Here are 15 of the most common meanings:

1. He’s Interested In Dating You (Duh!)

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (1)It should come as no surprise to you that the number one reason a guy may call you more than once on a daily basis is that he’s interested in dating you.

Whether he has the courage to come out and let you know, or he’ll beat around the bush on the phone three times a day for six weeks first depends on the guy and how your phone conversations go.

2. He Wants To Feel Connected (Mentally)

If a guy wants to get to know you better, or already feels a connection with you that he wants to nurture, calling you every day makes perfect sense.

The question is whether the connection is really there or not, which only you can decide.

3. He Isn’t Interested In Other Women

When you are the true center of a guy’s attention, he isn’t interested in other women even a single iota.

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (2)That means when he calls you every day it’s because he’s genuinely interested and it isn’t likely that he’s making additional phone calls to any other girls.

4. He’s Missing Thumbs (and Can’t Send Texts)

Believe it or not, it is factual possible that you could be dealing with a guy who’s missing both of his thumbs (love and respect to all the thumbputees out there reading/listening to this article).

Whether he is a wounded war hero or the victim of one too many losing rounds of FFF (five-finger fillet), it is possible that your daily caller simply doesn’t know how to work voice-to-text messages… hence, he always calls!

5. He Has Enough Time (and Thinks You Do Too)

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (3)Some guys have plenty of time to sit around twiddling their thumbs (or their ghost thumbs in the case of thumbputees).

More often than not, if you continue to answer their calls, if they have enough time to call you and be on the phone for hours they believe you do as well.

That means if you don’t have the time, you should let them know before things get out of hand and someone’s feelings get hurt.

6. He Is a Sucker For Conversation With Women

Some guys (we all know at least one or ten of them) are just absolute suckers for conversation with women. Why, exactly, is a different story for each one of them.

That said, these guys will spend hours on the phone calling everyday, talking about everything from their personal life and real feelings about things to their office work.

7. He’s Patiently Waiting For You (To Fall in Love)

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (4)There are guys out there who, already having been smitten by you, and your essence, your very presence, like an angel on the earth, believe that you are worth, risking being hurt, and putting in work, all of their life, just that one day you might decide to be their wife.

Ok, you caught me, that was a poor attempt at a love poem: like the tone of the guy who’s calling you everyday. He is patiently waiting for you to fall in love with him and may go out of his way to make everything seem as flowery and perfect as possible (like a love poem).

8. You Are The Only Person He Calls

There is always a chance that when a guy calls you every single day that you are the only person he calls. If he’s putting in the effort of calling each day, he may love to hear your voice, want to support you, or want to sleep with you.

The bottom line? If you’re the only person he’s calling, his interest is clear. He wants to be far more than simply friends with you.

9. You Are The Only Person Who Answers His Calls

If you are the only girl that answers his calls when he is calling, chances are he’ll call you as often as you’ll answer. The more socially awkward he is, the more delicately you may need to deal with him if you are worried about hurting his feelings.

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (5)Sometimes tuff love is unavoidable though: if you aren’t into him, don’t let him think you are more than friends (or it’ll just make matters worse).

10. He Wants To Have Sex With You

Yep. We said it. Sometimes, the real meaning behind a guy calling you multiple times daily is that he wants to have sex with you.

That doesn’t mean he wants a relationship with you, outside of the bedroom, or that he’s necessarily interested in you or your life in any other way aside from a physical attraction.

11. He Thinks You Are The Only Woman That Exists

When a man is totally in love with you, you are truly the only one they think of, let alone call multiple times each day; because you are the only woman that exists to them.

He thinks you are the moon, the sun, the stars, and everything else good and beautiful in all of existence.

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (6)When a guy’s interested in you on this level, he’s likely to let you know it as often as possible, in as many ways as he can think of.

12. He Wants To Hear About Your Day/Feelings

The truth of the matter, ladies, is that there does indeed still exist a breed of man that genuinely is interested in you, your feelings, and wants to hear about your day.

Sure, he probably won’t have to ask you about your day because he will already know how it’s going (because he’s always on the phone with you), but he’ll definitely inquire about your feelings about it.

13. He’s Trying To Disrupt Your Relationship

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (7)If you are in a romantic relationship with another guy, and a guy who wants to have sex with you is calling you every day, multiple times, it’s clear that he is trying to disrupt your relationship.

Once you’re boyfriend or husband notices all his calls in your phone log, he’ll be able to swoop in and have as much sex with you as he wishes… and then he wakes up from this dream when you’ve figured him out and stop taking his calls.

14. Texts Take Too Much Effort

Some guys will put all the effort in the world forth if they believe it will gain them a point or two with you… others find that the time it takes to type out a text (with or without using thumbs) is too much effort.

The good thing is that you can stop taking their calls at any time that you start feeling it’s too much effort to click the green “answer” button when they’re calling you.

15. He Knows You Feel Special When He Calls

If a guy knows that you feel special when he calls, he may call you as many times as you’ll answer the phone (no joke!).

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (8)It doesn’t matter if he’s just a friend, or he’s interested in hooking up and knocking boots, if he knows you like it, he’ll give you all the attention in the world.

How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times Everyday

Now that you know why it is that a guy may call you every day, you need to consider how to respond. Remember, your response matters because it sends the guy a clear sign as to how you feel about it.

Whether you like it, or you find it annoying but haven’t had the heart to let him know yet, here are a few of the best ways to respond to guys calling you daily:

Let Him Know That You Prefer Texts

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (9)One of the easiest ways to let the guy down easy to inform him that you really just prefer text messages.

Answering a few texts per day may be a small price to pay in comparison to having a phone glued to your ear all day (or walking around with earbuds in from dusk ’till dawn).

Tell Him He’s a Good Friend, But Not to Call So Often

Another smooth move is to let him know that you think he’s a good friend, but you don’t really have time to talk on the phone so often (or for such long periods of time, if he’s a sit-on-the-pone-for-hours sort of guy).

If he is really your friend (or wants to sleep with you for that matter) he’ll go with the flow and call less often. If not? He’s a jerk and you might consider letting him know that.

Remind Him That You’re In a Serious Relationship

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (10)Speaking of whether a guy is really your friend or not, sometimes all you need to do to get a guy to stop calling so much is remind him that you’re in a serious relationship.

If the guy is your friend, and/or respects you and/or your spouse/partner, he’ll understand that he should call less.

Take the Opportunity to Build Intimacy

In the case that you’re really into the fact that this guy calls you every day, you could always use the opportunity to build a bit of mental intimacy with the guy.

Speaking over the phone removes some of the inhibitions people feel about saying/doing certain things when standing right in front of the person they are talking to (versus over the phone).

Let Him Know Your Feelings

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (11)Sometimes speaking over the phone is much easier to voice your feelings to someone that when you are in their actual presence, which is possibly one of the main reasons he calls you every day.

Whether it’s some brutal honesty about your love life, or something more lovey-dovey depends on your relationship with the guy.

Work His Calls Into Your Daily Routine

If you are ecstatic about talking to the guy every day, then the best response is straightforward: work his calls into your daily routine, silly goose!

Working his calls into your day allows you to learn more about each other and build deeper connections in general.

Give Him Your Undivided Attention

When a guy calls you every single day, there is a really high chance that he is giving you his undivided attention (at least a lot of the time).

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (12)It is only fair and proper, then, that you return the favor and give him your undivided attention from time to time as well. Everything loves being listed to (and feeling understood).

Start Dating the Guy Already

If the daily calls continue, turning into a real daily routine for weeks and months, it may be time to consider dating the guy already!

Seriously! Who goes out of their way to talk to someone of the opposite sex, religiously, for 20+ hours a week, and doesn’t want to date them?


What Does it Mean When a Guy Calls You Frequently?

When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day: 15 Meanings (13)When a guy calls you frequently it’s a clear sign that he is way interested in you. Whether it’s your boyfriend or a co-worker with a major crush, if he’s ringing your cellie on the regular, he’s definitely balls-deep into you as a person (and most probably as a romantic/sexual interest).

What Does He Like to FaceTime Me?

Guys enjoy face-timing with their significant others, as well other girls they’re into, in general (if they’re single, of course). The main reason is obvious: they want to see your face. A guy doesn’t need to be your husband to enjoy looking at your face when you’re talking to him.

Should a Man Call You Everyday?

There is no right or wrong answer here; it absolutely depends on you, the guy, and your situation/relationship. If he’s your spouse, boyfriend, or best friend, it makes perfect sense that he’d call you on a daily basis. However, if you’re receiving daily phone calls from the shy guy who sits behind you in math class, or your manager at work… it’s probably not a good sign.

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