Why Do Siamese Cats Meow So Much? (Explained) (2023)

If you have not been a proud parent to Siamese cats, there are many surprises for you when you bring one at home. The first thing that you are going to ask is why do Siamese cats meow so much. You would feel like your cat is talking to you using different words of the main meow language.

Well, you must understand Siamese cats are so vocal because of their social nature. These cats are more interactive and tend to share their feelings with their parents. When you have a Siamese cat, you must understand that you have brought something in your house that looks like a cat and behaves like a dog.

You don’t need to worry about their vocal frenzies, but you must understand the different cues accordingly. This article will help you understand why Siamese cats meow so much and what you can do.

Is It Normal For Siamese to Be Extra Vocal?

Siamese are the most loved domesticated cats, and they were bred to be the best companion of humans. This breed with an extrovert disposition is more vocal than all the other breeds you can find. When you want to bring a Siamese home, you must be ready to have a little child who would keep talking all the time.

The people who are not much of cat persons and don’t like enough talking should drop the idea of bringing a Siamese home. These cats tend to express their emotions and feelings with people. When there are more people in the family, the Siamese will speak more and interact with every human inside.

Most other cat breeds tend to stay dormant and only talk when they need something from their parents. Siamese cats, on the other hand, are just like humans in this regard, and they don’t need any stimulus to talk to. If you are around, you will see them talking to you sometimes more than other humans.

Siamese Cats: The Most Vocal Cat Breed

We don’t want you to be afraid of their excessive talking, but we want you to be ready for this surprise. Siamese tends to talk more, and when you have one in your house, you will love the conversations daily. These Siamese will make you feel special, and their conversation will increase affection and emotional attachment in both parties.

For some people, these Siamese are not less than their soul mates as they feel that the cat is communicating with them. In these communications, they tend to share things that they sometimes cannot discuss with anyone around. If you want to have a shoulder to lean on, this cat with vocal ability is the best you can get.

Their meows are not that annoying, but people only get disturbed when the meow frenzy gets overloaded, especially at night. We will discuss in the later sections how you can get rid of excessive meows at night. But before that, let’s know why these cats talk more than other breeds.

Why Are Siamese Cats So Vocal?

The meow sound the Siamese breed makes is called “Meezer”, which resembles like crying of a child. Siamese is also dubbed as “Meezers” because of the sound, of course. But the most important thing is their ability to behave differently from other cat breeds.
According to the vets and experts following are some of the substantial reasons that force a Siamese cat to talk more than you could imagine.

They Are Social

These cats are bred to be social and friendly towards humans. Most of the time, the owners of the cats claim that they think they have a dog in the house in the body of a Siamese. These remarkable felines greet strangers, love to play with children, and are great companions for parents. You don’t have to worry about their fights with other pets or cats. Their social abilities make them more talkative towards others.

They Don’t Want to Be Ignored

When you are in an intimate relationship, you cannot ignore the next person as it would affect the relationship. The same goes for the Siamese cat, and you cannot afford to ignore the cat even for a single day. The Siamese love to have an equal relationship with the parent, dependent on conversations and trust. If you are not giving time to your cat, you will have to bear more meows than before.

Why Does My Siamese Cat Meow At Night?

Cats tend to be nocturnal and love to do some activities at night. When it comes to Siamese, these cats love to spend some time alone or with the parent at night. But when they want to have their parents beside them in this activity, things get out of hand. Staying up late and spending more time with cats becomes unbearable for humans.

The best thing you can do to avoid this excessive talking is to give them a cat tree, empty boxes, and some toys. When you have given enough utilities to cats to keep themselves busy, you are doing yourself a favor. This way, you will be able to save yourself from the annoying Meezers at night.

What Do Different Cat Meows Mean?

Siamese cats make different sounds around humans. According to animal behavior experts, these sounds are means of communication. Siamese tends to tell things to their parents and wants them to behave in particular ways.

  • Chirp: The scream is the sound to make you aware of the issue or something in the room or the house. When cats scream, they want to make their parents aware of an issue or potential danger.
  • Scream: The scream is the sound to make you aware of the issue or something in the room or the house. When cats scream, they want to make their parents aware of an issue or potential danger.
  • Different versions of continuous meows: Now, this is the conversation that we have been talking about the different meows with variations in telling the parents about different things. Siamese love to communicate with parents, and this way, they share what they want to.
  • Meow and eye contact: Constant eye contact with meows means that the cat is asking you for food.

Is Meow a Sign Of Affection From Siamese?

When a Siamese cats talks in your presence by involving you in the conversation, this is a sign of affection from them. Social cats cannot live alone, and they need emotional acknowledgment from their parents.
When they acknowledge and share affection with the parents head bump is not their only means to communicate.

The Siamese cats love to talk to their favorite person more. When in the family everyone is affectionate towards them they will communicate with every person. The individual conversations are a good sign for the parents who are worried about the emotional condition of their cats.

How to Get Siamese to Quiet Down?

Siamese are excessive talkers, but when their meows frenzy exceeds the normal, things start getting out of hand. When you have offered ample food to your beloved Siamese, and there are still meows echoing in your house, you need to do more. There are a lot of different reasons for excessive meows your Siamese makes.

You must use the hit and trial method to learn the cause of the problem and solve the issue. Act accordingly and know the reason to take timely actions. You can do the following to stop excessive talking of your Siamese:

1. Have Some Playtime

There are high chances that your Siamese has gotten bored from the obnoxious routine. The best thing you can do to avoid boredom is to spend some time together. Giving them a cat tree is not the only thing you need. You can have a fun activity for two to ward off boredom and make them comfortable.

The high jumps and chasing are the most loved activities for your Siamese. Do spend some fun time together, and there will be a substantial decrease in talking.

2. Offer a Toy

Spending time with the cat giving an interactive toy will do some good here when you are too busy. Siamese are intelligent beings, and they love to play with interactive toys. The talk-back toys and yarn ball will be the best thing you can offer in such a scenario. Some Siamese love to play with odd things; a piece of paper or lid of the bottle will also do as much magic as other toys.

3. Look For Other Signs

If you have given attention tried to play with your Siamese, and still, there are enough meows, it means there is something fishy. You must look for other reasons as the cat has found a rat or something obnoxious in the room. Following the cat’s trail will help you solve the issue.

4. Avoid Being Blackmailed

Your Siamese is not an average cat with a low level of intelligence. The highly intelligent cats can learn different behavioral cues and responses. If your Siamese has broken the code of meows and you are getting head over heels, this is bad for you.

Siamese cats can blackmail you for giving them attention without any reason with the help of excessive talking. The best approach is to give them some time and toys first before getting concerned and attentive.

5. Vet Visit

When you give them ample food, play with Siamese regularly, and there is nothing in the room to offend them, they should be less talkative. But if you hear excessive talking from your Siamese, a vet visit becomes a must after that much effort.

Final Thoughts

Siamese cats are so vocal, and they love to share their thoughts and emotions with their parents. When you ask why Siamese cats meow so much, most cat parents and experts say it is because of inattention. The Siamese cats are attention seekers, and they meow to attract their parents and have them involved in the conversation.

With the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can prevent excessive meowing at night and have the most fulfilled relationship with the Siamese of your choice.

Featured Image Credit: Yulia_Bogomolova, shutterstock

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